View Full Version : [ubuntu] Hardy Install Won't See My Partitions!

May 30th, 2008, 10:35 AM
I need to do a clean install of Hardy but the install disk will not see my partitions on /dev/sdb. It just lists the 'entire disk' and therefore, I would need to create a new table and blow away all my data, which is not an option.

Curiously, under gnome, gparted sees my lvm partition which resides on /dev/sdb
but it will not see the partitions on /dev/sdb directly
however, cfdisk sees all the partitions on /dev/sdb

Obviously, I possess a valid partition table that is being used by Ubuntu and LVM2.

Why won't the Hardy install disk see my partitions and allow me to chose one of them to mount / and another for swap and my lvm for /home?