View Full Version : Hardy & Firefox not suitable for this forum?

May 30th, 2008, 04:39 AM
I use larger fonts than most people due to some mild vision problems that I have, but this means that if I use Firefox I can't log into this forum. (Usually I use Opera due to better zoom features, but I've been trying out Firefox 3 Beta 5 with Hardy).

Problem is, I can't log in because I can't click on the username field (it's been dislocated and obscured by the search field).

I find it amusing actually that the default install is not compatible with their own forums - even if I'm using slightly different settings most other websites don't give me any problems.

I really can't make the fonts any smaller than they already are. My current setup:
- Ubuntu Hardy, with 110 dots per inch set for fonts in Gnome.
- In Firefox: Default font faces, sizes changed to: default of 22pt, minimum of 18pt, each specific font varying between 20pt and 22pt.