View Full Version : [ubuntu] Sound working almost perfectly on a Gateway 7508gx.

May 28th, 2008, 10:36 AM
I recently (less than a week ago) installed Hardy Heron 32 bit on my 7508gx laptop. This is my first time trying out any brand of Linux. It has a ATI IXP 400 AC97 sound card.

My initial problem was that the sound only worked on every couple of reboots. When it did work, the microphone sound test wouldn't work in sound preferences. The login sound would play at start up but not the logoff sound. This is with most of the devices set to auto detect except for the default mixer tracks which was set to ATI IXP (ALSA MIXER).

The set up I am running now included downloading and installing the latest alsa driver,lib,and utils. Now I have all sound preferences set to alsa except the default mixer tracks device, which is set to ATI IXP (ALSA MIXER) still. Sound works now on every boot up, but when I login or off the respective system sounds don't play. Stranger still when I go to sound preferences I can not play the system sounds from the sounds tab. However if I go to the folder they are located in usr/share/sounds all of the sounds including login and off play just fine.

Please help guy's and gal's, I am so close I can taste it.