View Full Version : [ubuntu] Hardy locking up - Attempted Ibex Kernel - LVM/LUCKS no longer works

May 25th, 2008, 05:58 PM
I finally installed Hardy last night on a spare Acer 220 Laptop. I'm having serious problems with the machine hard locking after random amounts of time -- minutes to hours. Seems strangely similar to similar problems people have posted here:

As recommended here:

I downloaded and installed Ibex developing kernel version: kernel. When attempted to boot however, my LVM/LUCKs encrypted disk however is no longer accessible with the password. Booting back into the Hardy kernel however: the password does work, however once again I get the lockup problems.

Any ideas on how to solve the LUCKS issue?

Small rant -- Really disappointed with the LTS Hardy release. It is much less stable than Feisty or Gutsy. Not sure if its a Kernel issue or simply a Hardy issue however for sure it was not thoroughly tested prior to the release.