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May 25th, 2008, 10:15 AM
" Re: that message you sent me
Originally Posted by h4mx0r
Hey what's this infraction thing do it don't sound good. You hating on me? I've never said "Noobs" just nooby in a manner discussing an action rather than a person let alone plural insulting multiple persons. Many people though refer to themself as Noobs or previous forums they've came from after all we were all once noobs.

A noob is someone new but isn't an idiot. So me posting it means don't feel like an idiot, I mean people always finding easier ways to get things done making me feel like an idiot but someone who's new might not understand that. Sometimes you might have had the problem posting some complex problem or issue topic thinking oh no one will post about it or know what they're talking about, calling you a noob just means I'm sure someone here has something to say because your just like they started out. Some might comment back about their abilities or expertise and that makes it easier planning their strengths/weaknesses in accomplishing something. In short its more like an honorary title for beginners to show that "hey dude I got your back" so that they don't feel alone.
It was just a warning, not an infraction.

If you wish to contest it, post in the Resolution Center."

Can someone please make that Larozo person stop stalking me, its creepy. Also I am having difficulty reposting the information I gave to that person who made that forum, its very valuable information.

May 25th, 2008, 10:39 AM
You recieved a warning for using a derogatory term .

Also the staff member is not stalking you , the moderator is doing their job, which is moderating this forum.