View Full Version : [all variants] Hardy Gnome, KDE..... and no XFCE?

May 24th, 2008, 06:41 PM
Hello :)

I am working on my second, "experimental", computer. I was planning to have, beside the regular Ubuntu Gnome, also KDE and XFCE there.

So i had him download the 283 required packages and install, and it seemed to work ok - at least i can change the session, and KDE (Kubuntu) works fine.

However if i select "XFCE Session" it doesn't happen...... i get the blue screen after login, but sadly, it stays there.... XFCE doesn't come.

When i then change session again (back to Gnome) i get a nerror message that Nautilus can't start due to some error with Bonobo-something, however entering "Nautilus" in a terminal starts it right up.

Also my shutdown is now messed - i get the "running boot scripts" slow shutdown problem now (wasn't there before, the one with the network-manager related errors) and the available workaround doesn't work.

Now, i don't care too much for that one now, but i would love to have XFCE working.... how could i possibly do that?

I appreciate any advice on this one... thanks in advance :)

Best regards....


May 24th, 2008, 06:49 PM
Might want to file a bug on this one! Found several similar threads, experienced the problem myself. No solution yet apparently... (downloading and installing Xubuntu cd did the trick for me).