View Full Version : [ubuntu] ftp for webserver with ubuntu for smf?

May 24th, 2008, 02:08 AM
Wow haha that was a mouth full, I can really use some of your Guru's help. This is my first time , ever touch a linux machine so i am trying to setup a webserver for smf.

I started by setting up lAMP with a guide , did that, now when i go to my website it wants me to login to change permissions with my ftp for my server. Ok I tried installing proftpd but nothing works? I am confused how do I connect my ftp server where it points to where my files are located "var/www" , this is where i am completely lost i have no idea what to do. I found nowhere to setup a relative path in any of the ftp clients i found for ubuntu , this is my first server so please speak slowly lol , plus I want to set it up like this because i could use the ftp in the future, yes i already now about port forwarding and stuff i just need to figure out how to connect my ftp server with my webserver i guess.