View Full Version : [all variants] Why doesn't Flash work on Flickr?

Old *ix Geek
May 23rd, 2008, 07:10 PM
On Flickr, there's supposed to be a Flash version of their uploader:

PSST - There's a much slicker version of our Uploader that you can use if you have JavaScript enabled and the latest version of Flash software installed. You can download the free Flash player here. Once you've installed it, come back here to see the flashy version of our Uploader.

However, even though I have JavaScript enabled and have Flash installed, all I see is the message above. :confused: Here's my Flash info:

Shockwave Flash

File name: libflashplayer.so
Shockwave Flash 9.0 r31

MIME Type Description Suffixes Enabled
application/x-shockwave-flash Shockwave Flash swf Yes
application/futuresplash FutureSplash Player spl Yes

Any ideas what the problem may be?

Meanwhile, I looked around and saw references to F-Spot [which, although I'd forgotten all about it, I had installed a year ago!] being able to upload to Flickr, so right now I'm using that (and it's SLOW! If I could FTP files directly from a prompt it would've been done in a few minutes; as it is, we're going on 45 minutes to upload 70 photos...and it just started on #39).

May 23rd, 2008, 09:11 PM
why don't you upgrade to the latest flash release 9.0.124 ?