View Full Version : [all variants] The sorry state of Flash and Firefox on Linux

May 23rd, 2008, 01:40 PM
There is a bug in Adobe Flash plugin/Firefox for Linux that has been around since mid 2002. This bug causes, among other problems, DHTML contents, like drop-down menu, to fall behind Flash contents and makes it very difficult to navigate some sites, adobe.com included. First, Mozilla and Adobe blamed each other for this bug. Then, it took about five (5) years for Mozilla to fix their end of the problem by implementing Windowless plug-in support. Now it seems that Adobe has just begun to look into this problem.



I just can't help wondering, how many more years will Linux users have to wait for this bug to get fixed. Does Adobe even takes Linux users seriously?

As for Mozilla, why didn't they included this Windowless plug-in support (WMODE) in Linux Firefox in the first place, like they did with Windows version?