View Full Version : [ubuntu] Sound Issue

May 22nd, 2008, 11:33 PM
Well, this is my problem. Whenever I use a Multimedia App (Like VLC or Amarok, etc) I don't get sound from Youtube, Plus sometime the Youtube Video "freezes" and decides not to play anymore. Plus, If I try to leave the Youtube Video, Firefox Crashes.

This is the same Vice Versa. If I'm listening to a Youtube Video, VLC or Amarok (Or any other Multimedia App) will stop emitting sound. The Youtube Video, though, will keep playing in perfect condition.

So In other words, The Sound will only work in either Youtube (Or any other Video Website) or in my Multimedia Apps..

Is there anyway I can fix this? Thanks in Advance.

EDIT: I managed to Fix the VLC issue by going to (In VLC):

Settings>Preferences>Click on Advance Options (On the right bottom corner)>Audio>Output Modules>Switch "Defualt" to Alsa.

The problem Still remains with Amarok and other Multimedia Applications.