View Full Version : [ubuntu] Flash Player PAIN....

May 22nd, 2008, 01:23 PM
Hello Everyone,
I got a situation with flash player(9) AND ff 3.0(beta 5) AND ubuntu Hardy.

The problem is that i can't use international characters, inside any text boxes, like " " and others. More strange is that these especial chars are used inside the same screen on labels and other stuff without any problem. Inside other applications under ubuntu, like vi, gedit, firefox(html pages), it works fine.

If I open the same page under mandriva+ff 2.0.13 everything runs ok, even worst It works on windows too :) . You can see for yourself in the images attached.
What I have tried:
1) used firefox-2 + flash 9 and after that used flash 10(beta) no luck.
2) forced all enviroments vars (lang, lc_*) to look like the mandriva env, no luck either.

Thanks for your attention !
ps: Please forgive my poor english :D