View Full Version : [ubuntu] window wont close and other problems+questions

May 22nd, 2008, 03:04 AM
i am new to the ubuntu community, and im glad to be part of one as i was a windows guy.i opened up the sound preferences a while back, but they froze up, and i have been trying to close them for a while. if this happened in windows there would be task manager, and i dont know what to do for this.
this question is really off topic, but pertains to ubuntu. i am a windows gamer, and i have heard that it is very diffucult and risky to run a windows game on linux even with the right software. is it possible to run a windows game smoothly? like F.E.A.R or something like that. also i dont get any sound in any of the games i play for some odd reason.... and i tried to watch the new age of conan video on gamespot, but there was no sound from that either. i was able to watch the videos on the mass effect website though
thanks a lot