View Full Version : [ubuntu] Just made my first DVD/Video!

May 21st, 2008, 08:49 PM
Yep; just what it says!

I've just made my first ever DVD video disc, and it was so easy in Hardy!

I've tried to make it on Windows, earlier, many, many times, and always failed (usually during video conversion). I've tried Roxio, Nero and a bunch of others. (To be fair, I've used only the "bundled" versions of Roxio and Nero)

So it's no surprise that I approached DVD/Video with trepidation... First, found DVDAuthor and that looked promising; but it didn't seem to recognize the AVI files I had.

Then, tried DeVeDe: the interface is not as good as DVDAuthor but very easy to use; Got the DVD/Video disc outline setup in less than 2 mins! The actual transcoding/ISO creation took 2 hours (01:57), and it was even smart enough to warn me not to use FAT/FAT32 partitions for the DVD images.

After that, burnt it to a DVD using GnomeBaker and done, done and DONE!

Another amazing thing; even when it was working hard to create the ISO image, I could comfortably use my system, something I've not dared to do in windows...

In case it's not clear; I _love_ Hardy!