View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ubuntu Desktop x86_64 on QEMU

May 20th, 2008, 06:43 PM
Hello, all. I'm an avid Debian user, with installations of Etch on my firewall, desktop, and laptop. The laptop will be replaced soon and, in the interests of fairness and curiosity, I thought I might give Ubuntu a try on it. So, at the moment, I have obtained copies of the Ubuntu Desktop Edition installer for x86_64 machines and I am trying to install an instance on QEMU to get a feel for it. If it seems to have a significant amount to offer over Etch, I may well install it on my laptop. I'm su
re you all know how the distro trial goes. :)

Well, I can't get it to install under QEMU at all. The boot menu works fine initially; I select language and then "Install Ubuntu". And I get the dialog message "Error reading boot CD."

Using the ISOLINUX console and booting the live-install configuration, I get a slightly more informative error message: "Loading isolinux: Disk error 0C, AX = 4200, drive E0".

The command line that I am using to launch QEMU is as follows:

qemu-system-x86_64 -hda hda.img -cdrom "/scratch/scratch/Disc Images/Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop Edition AMD64.iso" -m 1024m -boot d

Any thoughts? It doesn't seem likely I'll be installing on real hardware if I can't get QEMU to work; I'm not sure I'm that motivated and I don't have a machine I'd be willing to put to the task at the moment.