View Full Version : [ubuntu] Hardy 64 with raid0 on preexisting XP system?

May 20th, 2008, 05:13 PM
A few months ago I built a new system and set up a raid0 array with I believe the ICH9R controller. (Mobo is ASUS P5E3 Premium) I installed XP Home afterwards. This was my first foray into raid arrays, so it took a little while but I got it set in about 30 min. Anyways, my question is I want to dualboot Hardy 64 bit onto the array. I've tried searching but all I can find is topics on fakeraid and other softraid instructions with systems that can do a fresh install. I need to make sure my XP partition is not wiped if the raid0 is broken or I will have to re-encode 500+ flac albums along with several games, not to mention reinstall windows itself again.

I got a nice juicy QX9650 and 4GB of DDR3 and need to transcode the 500+ flac albums to 320kbs mp3's for my ipod. I normally use CDex in windoze but it only utilizes one core. A tangeant question would be what program would be fastest, that utilizes the 4 CPU cores, that would transcode my flac files easily and retains filenames and metadata? (ie. "filename.flac" -> "filename.mp3")