View Full Version : [ubuntu] Sound "hiccups" while switching windows

May 20th, 2008, 05:05 PM
Hey, I'm new to Ubuntu Hardy and have several problems with sound / video: the most important one is, that while switching between windows, sound seems to go into a short loop (less than a second), so that a certain beat may repeat up to thrice. Impression on my side is that the process handling sound is wrongly prioritised -- it happened with both Rhythmbox and Songbird, with and without desktop effects enabled (though more with desktop effects enabled), with both Alsa and Pulse (I made the switch according to the instruction in one other thread here). (Disclaimer: I'm not an expert on this, so my conclusion might be wrong.)
The computer is a 1.7-GHz notebook and such things never happened under Windows.

My other problem, if I'm allowed to ask, is that video in Totem looks not like a video, but like a bunch of huge pixels that aren't smoothed in the slightest

May 21st, 2008, 01:20 AM
I just updated to the 2.6.24-17 Kernel and I noticed the same thing with sound. Rythmbox has become unstable.