View Full Version : [ubuntu] ndiswrapper with Hardy, no wlan0!

May 19th, 2008, 07:39 PM
Hi all,
Before I give up and reload Windoze, I wanted to try one more time. Is ANYONE out there using the Realtek 8187 wireless adapter successfully? I keep seeing that I need ndiswrapper with the Win98 driver to make this work. When I install ndiswrapper, I lose my wlan0, and have no wireless. With the Realtek linux driver and no ndiswrapper, I can connect sporadically, but my connection tends to drop every 30 seconds or so, which prompted me to try ndiswrapper again. If anyone is using this wireless adapter with ndiswrapper, could you please tell me which windoze driver you're using and where you got it?
I'll be happy to copy lsusb or ndiswrapper -l results, but can't cut and paste because my Ubuntu laptop has no wireless connectivity! I'm posting this from a Windoze desktop, which is currently the only way I can get online.
Thanks for any help!