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May 19th, 2008, 03:07 PM
Hello Everyone,

I'm 100% new to Linux. I was finally able to install it on my Playstation 3. I currently have three issues:

Issue #1. The resolution is set really low (something like 532 X 365 or something) Under display options there are no other resolutions to chose from, I have a 40' LCD 720P TV connected with HDMI, Ubuntu looks terrible so far (There is a thick black frame all around the desktop). Does anyone know how to adjust the resolution on this thing? (It's driving me insane:confused:)

Issue #2. Ubuntu 7.10 does not seem to recognize the wireless network adapter that came with my PS3, anyone know how to resolve this issue?

Issue #3. I recently bought the Logitech bluetooth wireless keyboard Specially designed to work with the PS3($80), just to find out that it does not work with Linux (Logitech are you kidding me??). There has to be a wireless keyboard with Mouse integrated that works with Ubuntu & PS3, does anyone know which one does?

Thanks in advance people!:biggrin:

May 20th, 2008, 07:06 AM
Check this out for configuring the Ubuntu on the PS3 for graphics and wireless: http://psubuntu.com/installation-instructions/setup/ (http://psubuntu.com/installation-instructions/)

As for the wireless keyboard i cant really help there. We used a wired keyboard and mouse from our desktop to do it.