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May 19th, 2008, 11:28 AM
Hi Good People

After about 10 unsuccessful attempts at installing Ubuntu 7.10, I finally succeeded last week. I was so happy as I'd almost given up after having so many problems, before, during and after installation.

But this time it was a complete success!

Everything installed fine. I was able to install everything with no issues at all. Desktop effects, themes, window borders. The only thing I could not get working was the dual desktop display, but I was bouncing off the walls with happiness.

Yesterday I turned on the PC and instead of the login screen, I get a dos-style warning telling me something about the X Server (I don't have the PC here atm). I can not do anything other than see more details of the error, which I did, but didn't understand.

Now I think this is due to me installing the theme manager and new window borders.

I hope this can be repaired easily, if not then I'm sorry to say I'll have to give up on Ubuntu, for the near future anyway. I had so many problems with Ubuntu in the last 6 months, when I has 6.10 running on an old PC, it was great! I was so impressed I even persuaded my father to install it on his business computers.

I need to get this working so that I can provide him with support. Right now he has printer problems with PDF's, and I need to connect remotely, but I need a computer with Ubuntu working properly.

Sorry for the babble, I just want attention

Thanks in advance to everyone for your help.

May 19th, 2008, 11:41 AM
The error message itself might help but it may have said something about needing to start in a reduced video mode or something. Did you load proprietary video drivers? Which video card are you using? I think this might be video driver or xorg.conf related.