View Full Version : [ubuntu] How do I access powertweakd

May 19th, 2008, 08:59 AM
I use Synaptic to install "powertweakd" and "powertweak-gtk", but I don't seem to be able to launch it. Don't see it in the menu anywhere. Anyone know the answer? Thanks.

May 19th, 2008, 09:06 AM
alt + F2 --> type gpowertweak

Dont know how they messed this up, but they did.

You can create your own menu item by clicking "add/remove" in applications.

May 20th, 2008, 04:59 AM
Said I needed to be root to access gpowertweak. When I tried launching it using a terminal, I got the following:

root@eMax:/home/jacatone# gpowertweak
Error creating socket to : /var/run/powertweakd Connection refused
2: tweak 11060305_00:00:00_FAST_BACK_2_BACK doesn't have a description.
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Any idea what I do next? Thanks.

May 20th, 2008, 07:11 AM
try reporting a bug - seg fault. :) on launchpad.