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May 18th, 2008, 11:28 PM
Hello all,

I am curious if there is an alternative to Ableton's Live program. I know that this may have been brought up here before, but I am not just looking for a DAW or regular recording program. Live is different in that it is meant to be used in a LIVE application. As such it is not only popular with audio recording and people that use DAWs, but it is also very popular with those that use the program for live performance applications such as theatrical shows and DJ work.

Live's interface allows the user to assign just about every control to a midi keyboard (or other midi device) and that device will allow the user to control the setting live.

I been wanting to buy Live for a very long time, but it is hard to get around the $500 cost for the program. Sure they do have a LITE version that costs a mere $160, but it is tremendously crippled in function. For one you can only record 2 channels at one time, you can only have 2 aux sends and you only can have 2 VST plug ins. The full version of Live all those have unlimited track capability.

I have an Alesis IO|26 which has a total of EIGHT input channels. I would like to be able to at least have the ability to have 4 to 8 channel recording capability (at one time) with at least 4 sends and 4 plug ins. Is there a Linux alternative that can do this as well as have the full midi control I discussed above?

I am hoping there is.

Thank You,


May 19th, 2008, 12:37 AM
Check out UbuntuStudio (google it).