View Full Version : [ubuntu] Amarok Theme Problem

May 18th, 2008, 10:35 PM
I recently installed Ubuntu on my windows system with the release of Wubi. I installed Amarok and loved it. The other day I was playing around with themes/skins (I forget what they are called in this app), but had the problem that non of the newly installed themes were changing the appearance. Only the two default themes worked. I exited the program with a newly downloaded theme selected in the settings menu. When I restarted the application Amarok would not display anything. I've clicked the icon in the system tray but the only window that would pop up is that little player window that acts as a remote control. So right now I am stuck as I cannot access the menu to change the theme or view my media library. Can anyone help me set Amarok to the default theme so it functions properly again? Thank you.

Edit: Problem solved.