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May 18th, 2008, 11:13 AM
I installed 8.04 on an Asus Eee but cannot get it to fully boot. The install was straightforward: Xandros on internal 4GB - hd(0,0) - and Hardy on 8GB SD - hd(1,0). I took the Guide option and gave the installer the full SD to keep the install vanilla. The only thing that I did was to take the option to install GRUB to /dev/sdb to keep it out of the way of the Xandros install. Here is what happened:

For Xandros GRUB showed a drive of hd(0,0) and for Hardy hd(1,0)which is correct BUT all GRUB options produced ERROR 15 - File not found.
Changing Xandros drive to hd(1,0) booted Xandros all the way through.
Changing Hardy to hd(0,0) booted Hardy to the logon screen but once user/ password were entered the screen went a light tan blank except for the cursor which still worked. Pressing the I/O button dropped Linux off the screen into the command line showing various drivers got the shut down signal and then Linux ended.
Changing Hardy to hd(0,0) and logging on to a failsafe terminal got to a command line that works fine.
All other logon options do NOT work.

I would assume

the kernel is not loading X11 or whatever since I can logon to a command prompt but nothing else.
the kernel is looking on a path where it cannot find what needs to be loaded next (though it does find base drivers).
the issue is a bad install.

My problems at this point are

With such a straightforward install I do not know what was done wrong.
I do not know why the GRUB command execution expects the hd's to be "reversed".
I would not know where to begin to look for what needs to load next.
Even if I did know I would suspect that after the next fix there is a next bad path and next and next ...

Help and thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

May 31st, 2008, 12:01 PM
Yeah I have noticed that Ubuntu 8.08 is giving me some trouble when I boot off an SD card. It's fine until it gets to 'Loading USB' somethingorather.

Its a neusance. I have installed it using manual install, with GRUB on the sd card, but I altered its menu options to say that Ubuntu was on 0,0 because when it boots from the SD card, the SD card is viewed as 0,0.

It stinks cos I REALLY want Ubuntu 8 running on this EEE.