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May 17th, 2008, 03:44 PM
Now's the time to write my Linux tale.
And it's beaten me. Yes I am done.
It's a story to make grown make quail.
But yes. Parts of it have been good fun.
It was gutsty that started me rolling,
and it worked really well out the box.
By the end of the week I was strolling,
and I felt like a right Linux fox!
Okay, one or two things weren't quite right.
I did battle with vmware too.
return from suspend was a big fright,
and my mouse was a big pile of poo.
My networking card wouldn't network,
my printer just plain wouldn't run.
from my server I just couldn't get-work,
and my screams were annoying my son.
But I battled and struggled and toiled,
and quite nearly I had them all beat.
There were times when my blood nearly boiled,
and days I was dead on my feet.
At the end it was all nearly flying,
thanks to all you guys it must be said.
Then: "Hardy's the one to be trying"
so I'll upgrade to that one instead.
So an upgrade was then the big thing,
and from then stuff was never the same.
my scanner just went in the bin,
and suspending just drove me insane.
I just didn't have problems with Bills stuff,
although it costs money it's true.
it worked out the box sure enough,
and everything else it just flew.
And now I have time to go shopping,
and take the kids out to the zoo.
There's no software to make me mad. Hopping!
and so now with Linux I'm thru.
I even have time to write rhymes,
though they're rubbish it must be now said.
with Linux I had some good times
although many a tear then were shed.
I've been in IT such a long time,
and the linux world I didn't know well.
Now with windows I'll have to do just fine,
so from me I wish you FAREWELL.

May 17th, 2008, 04:51 PM
Nice poem. Although unfortunate. Gutsy is far more stable than Hardy. Although all of my hardware is so old there've been drivers out for it for ages, so I normally don't have any problems.