View Full Version : [other] questions about setting up a 4 OS system

May 16th, 2008, 09:26 PM
these forums were recommended as a place that Might be able to help me. Please let me know if i'm in the wrong place. In the meantime the following is my problem :)

I used to have a 75gb raptor drive installed with windows xp x64. I then installed a seperate drive (while the raptor was disconnected from the motherboard) with windows 2000 on a 120gb partition of a 320gb seagate. I then reconnected the 75gb raptor drive and installed ubuntu on the 320, creating an 80gb partition for it (leaving 80gb upartitioned), and the ubuntu install detected all the OS's properly and created a boot loader on the primary raptor drive properly.

Now it gets a little more complicated. The raptor drive had mechanical failure, so i lost the boot loading screen, and did a fresh install of windows xp x64 when the replacement drive showed up. I didn't want the 2000/ubuntu drive to have problems, so i had that disconnected at the time.

Now i want to install windows vista 64bit (probably ultimate) on the remaining 80gb partition on the 2000/ubuntu drive, but i don't want to screw up either of those installations. I also would like to, somehow, install the grub loader afterwards so that the 75gb xp x64 install will remain as the primary drive installation, but i will be able to choose any of the other 3 OS's at any time.

The hardest part is that i really really don't want to have to do this mutliple times if i don't have to, so what is everyone's advice on how to do this final install without messing up any of the others biggrin.gif

thanks so so much for any advice anyone can give me on this

oh and if it matters my specs are:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+
8GB of G.Skill DDR2 1000
1x75gb WD Raptor (primary&OS)
1x320gb Seagate (OS's)
1x320gb Seagate (storage)