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May 16th, 2008, 06:33 PM
Hi There,

I have gotten a Dell SC420 standard issue, but with 2gb ram. I installed ubuntu server and xen via a howto on www.howtoforge.com. I have created and deleted a few virtual machines but it appears that this is not working too well as it appears to struggle (buggy?!).

What I want to achieve is thus;

I have 8 static IP addresses from my ISP and effectively want to create a couple of virtual lamp servers for development projects and a virtual print server for the office.

I tried a setup last night on a virtual server which I allocated 256mb ram / 512mb swap and 4gb disc - installed ok but was clunky and slow.

Is this ubuntu 8.04 or xen?

Would any one suggest another alternative to xen that works well on ubuntu?
Should I use 7.10 rather than 8.04?

I am pretty new to virtualization so am very green!

Any pointers would be appreciated greatly.