View Full Version : [ubuntu] connect through external wireless booster

May 16th, 2008, 07:41 AM
Hey there, with my current configuration, it is impossible to connect directly to my router since it is out of range. I need to connect through a booster that receives a stronger signal from the booster connected to my router.

I need to connect using a specific Windows only software where I give the password to my other booster and then I am somewhatconnected to the network. (I can at least get internet)

I do not seem to have to give any router ID with the software, or if that is the name, I do not need to give a password.

Will I still be able to connect to this with ubuntu? I doubt that the software (dLan Duo) will work with Ubuntu, (nothing seems to)

I can give specify what info is given to me by booster later today.