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May 15th, 2008, 11:56 PM
Hi all , I’m still new to ‘nix’ and seem to have a weird problems occur!

I have Linux Mint installed, while updating from the synaptic manager for the general updates of my system and programs I hit the Upgrade to "hardy"? button, finding it was going to take some considerable time on "Dial up" and before we had broadband running (still waiting for Telecom) I canceled the process. This left my system in a temporary state with weird system issues as you can imagine!

Prior to this I had Guard Dog Firewall (GDF) installed and in anticipation had (installed/ plugged in) a ADSL Modem. Testing the line everyday or so to see if the connection was on. I was told that GDF should be switched off, so did this. Of course we still where not on BB. The modem has some kind of Firewall built in as I understand, and GDF seemed unnecessary so uninstalled it. Prior to this the Web and email where still accessible. I believe after this it was ‘part’ disabled.

I say ‘part’ as email function is ok however Web is not, so proxy settings must have got stuck somewhere? On trying to fix this I noticed that I was not able to edit Proxy system settings, group users settings and some other admin settings as "not admin" kind of messages began. Mmmmmm?

So … I have limited system access control except in Konsole/Root Terminal, Not sure why the proxy settings have not changed back or editable, no Web access except in the dual boot Windoz OS, and a "limping" nix system, still waiting for BB and hoping this will help with the "Partial update" download fix and stability issues.

Please can some folk assist with either terminal commands (as new to this)or something else, to find and possibly reset/edit the proxies and system access?

Thanks in advance
Chris :confused:

May 23rd, 2008, 12:27 AM
Found out that Guarddog had left residual settings in system which prevented any Web browersing. Since removed these and now have www access. However that still leaves me with no group access to settings :(

May 26th, 2008, 05:01 AM
Reloaded with Edubuntu 7.10 cd, fixed all issues, just needed to remember what to backup and found out Evolution very well supported and Firefox.