View Full Version : [ubuntu] NFS Permission Denied

May 15th, 2008, 08:41 PM
I can't seem to mount my nfs share. The server is running on I set up the share using nautilus, by right clicking the directory and selecting share, and allowing the ip ( of my client. This added the following line to /etc/exports:


After a reboot (several now), I try to run this command from the client:

sudo mount /media/sdb1

and I get this output:

mount.nfs: failed, reason given by server: Permission denied

I've checked the following logs on the server:

but they don't contain anything related to the issue. ( I though syslog usually reported when permission was denied)

However, my client machine's syslog contains this:

May 15 14:37:30 panda mountd[5989]: mount request from unknown host for /media/sdb1 (/media/sdb1)

Where am I going wrong here?