View Full Version : [ubuntu] nic drivers biostar tforce 550 only getting 80 MB/s in GB network

May 15th, 2008, 03:19 AM
Hey Guys I just recently installed linux on 2 pcs in my network for the first time. There are scrictly for file sharing. I have a gb network switch along with cat 6 cable. The fastest speeds im getting are like 80 MB/S which is still 100 mb ethernet. My first instinct is to blame my nic drivers for my motherboard. One of my computers is a biostar tforce 550 and the other one is GIGABYTE GA-X48-DQ6. I'm using onboard nics on both motherboards. I guess it could be the cat 6 cable i made, because i made it myself...but im pretty sure i did a good job with it. I'm sure drivers for the GB mobo exist somewhere but after several google searches i dont know what to do abotu my damn biostar. Whoever is reading this is probably lol biostar and ur right :).