View Full Version : [all variants] Types of files indexed by tracker

May 15th, 2008, 02:52 AM
Hi. I was a beagle user in Gutsy, but I've switched to tracker in Hardy because beagle started to use much more memory and CPU than before, making the machine unusable at times.

My problem now is that tracker does not seem to index my mail files, which are in VM (an Emacs mail reader) format. How can I convince to index it? 'file' returns the mail folders' type as 'ISO-8859 mail text, with very long lines', while gnomevfs-info returns 'application/octet-stream'. I understand that tracker would not try to index an octet-stream, but, can I force it to do that (maybe only within some subdirectories)? Does anyone have a better solution?

Thanks in advance for any help!