View Full Version : Is it really so hard and long to get this right?

May 15th, 2008, 01:30 AM

All I ask is ... well, what has never worked properly - I started on Edgy. Why does it go so wrong? Developers - I do hope you read this.

1. Caps Lock is a modifier key - it doesn't beep - it should. Two tone - high=on, low=off.

2. Assistive Technologies settings SHOULD BE REMEMBERED between reboots. (Forgive my bold - angst).

3. Settings should not suddenly switch off - at some whim of the system (is it some time factor?)

4. Modifier Keys: I set:
Keyboard Preferences: Simulate simultaneous keypresses. Disable sticky Keys if two keys pressed... is NOT set - so why do my settings get turned off if my hand tremors and Shift or Caps Lock plus another key(s) are pressed together? Bloody annoying.
Notifications: top 3 selected - Beep when ... turned on off; Beep when toggle ...; Beep when modifier is pressed.

Why can't these settings remain until I turn them off?

Is it so hard? No - it really isn't. Priorities. Well, those who decide these priority bug fixes, try walking the walk. Oh this isn't just me who is fed up: this happens on every computer I have and all my friends have the same problem.

Ubuntu - please, get Assistive Technologies fixed. If AT is not your code - find somebody who can do it properly.

What are others' feelings about Assistive Technolgies?

(Posted in vain):mad: