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May 14th, 2008, 10:33 PM

My name is Sjaak Koot and, in the context of my Masters at Leiden
University School of Management, I am conducting a research project on the
"Diffusion of applications from a private context to a professional
context". In other words, my objective is to determine whether there are
individuals who introduced IT applications (acquired outside the
organizational context) into the organization; and if so, how this knowledge about
the new IT application is processed by the organization.

Does anyone know about examples of people who were first using e.g. IT applications
at home for non-business purposes and later on introduced or tried to introduce
this application into the professional organisation where she/he works?

I would be interested in postings about cases you perceive as:
* "successful" (for example, you propose - and perhaps persuade - your
organization to adopt a new IT application usefully complementing existing
* "failed" (for example, you propose your organization to install an
upgraded version of an existing product which would solve the problems of
many employees but - for some reason - the organization did not make the
* or more "neutral" (for example, while on holidays, you find in a magazine
an information that may be relevant to your professional activity only and,
back to work, you share it with somebody in the organization).

Where the application you propose is executed is not an issue (for example,
it can be on your professional or personal computer, on a server of the
organization, on the web, etc). Whether the application is primarily
designed for "private" purpose is not an issue as well (for example, some
individuals might have found a way to use social websites such as Facebook
or Hyves for the benefit of their organization). The only limitation is that
it has to be an IT application and it has to be something new for the
organization. The way you introduced the application in the organization
("adoption mode") is not an issue as well (two possible examples of
successful adoption cases could be (1) you could have persuaded your
colleagues or (2) you informed your boss who then made the adoption
decision). Finally, the innovation introduced in the company may be a whole
new software, an upgrade from a software available in the organization or a
feature of an application already available in the organization.

If you were involved in such a situation, I would very much appreciate if
you could send me an email mentioning:
[1] the innovation itself, specifically: the application, application
upgrade or feature that was involved,
[2] a short story (a couple of lines) summarizing about how the organization
"responded" to the innovation,
[3] your function in the organization,
[4] the URL where you read this invitation message,
[5] whether you would be accept a follow-up interview
All the information will be treated confidentially.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
Best regards,

Sjaak Koot

May 26th, 2008, 10:17 PM

I have created a survey about ICT innovation. Please find the
survey here:


The survey takes about 10 minutes to fill out.