View Full Version : [ubuntu] UFW Port Stealthing with Azureus

May 14th, 2008, 03:17 AM
Hello, I'm new to Ubuntu and I have a couple of questions for setting up some rules on ufw with Azureus. I have some experience with setting up rules in Comodo Firewall under Windows XP and then applying those rules to specific programs. Is there any way to do this using ufw?

The problem is that when I set up rules allowing TCP and UDP on the port Azureus is using, that port obviously appears open when I scan it using ShieldsUp. When I turn off Azureus, the port appears "Closed" and not "Stealthed". This is what has me nervous. I would feel safer if the port were stealthed when Azureus was closed, or even when Azureus is running if that is even possible.