View Full Version : [gnome] FTP problems using gvfs, help appreciated!

May 12th, 2008, 06:54 PM
I've been using Hardy since January, and have had problems all along connecting to an ftp server, editing the files etc.

The problems I have are these:

I have the server saved as a bookmark. I want to edit a file on the server, so I open Gedit, browse to the bookmarked FTP server, find the file and Gedit fails with the message:

"Could not open the file ftp://user@host/path/file.php

Unexpected error: End of file"

When it's not failing with the above message it generally just unmounts the ftp location and spits out the following when I try to access the bookmark again:

"The Folder contents could not be displayed
Invalid reply"

Mounting the ftp location is inconsistent - I now browse the server with Nautilus, copy files to the Desktop, edit them and copy them back, which is more onerous than simply using Gedit, but alot of the time folders disappear or access is limited to only some of the directories on the server. In addition, access it really slow.

If I hadn't just installed Kubuntu on another partition I think I'd just be living with it, as most of my servers use ssh. However KDE seems to have GNOME well and truly licked on ftp server access. Pity I just like GNOME too much to swap!

Thanks for any help, Jonathan