View Full Version : [ubuntu] handy heron-wpc54g wireless card hell

May 11th, 2008, 03:38 AM

i am having an issue connecting to the internet with my linsys wpc54g card. if i go to the manual config, i do have the option to configure my wireless network. I have gone into the config of my router and killed both all the security, and am broadcasting the ssid just to take all of the guess work out, but to no avail...the card never lights up. to make matters more interesting i can't boot into Handy without having the card unplugged, getting logged in, and then plugging the card in. Any linksys pros out there that can offer any suggestions. I did check the list of supported cards, and does say it is supposed to work out of the box. BTW, mine is a V2. thanks for the help