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May 11th, 2008, 01:11 AM
I am trying to keep this post simple:

Existing Hardware:
3 Macintosh running tiger
1 System76 Serval Performance Laptop, running ubuntu
1 Custom built tower running ubuntu and xp, however will be tweaked based on advice.
1 750gb External Harddrive

Hardware in which I will be buying:
1 Canon HV30 Camcorder + accessories

Possible Hardware/Software I need advice on
2-4 New Harddrives
Raid Controller
Linux Distrobution

Basically, I am a video editor, which explains the mac's. I want to centralize the storage of video that I, and my assistants will be editing. I thus want to take the custom built desktop, and have all 4 computers (3 macs, and my laptop) use it as the central storage database.
So, in order to do this, I will need to network these computers. Because it is video, I want the highest transfer speeds I can get.

Here is my questions:
1: The desktop currently houses 2 x 250 gb harddrives. Because I will be doing video in HD, I will need substantially more space (how much more, I am uncertain). Because it is valuable video, I want to make sure I can back it up. What harddrives should I buy that will give me good a "gigabyte per dollar" ratio, and what raid scheme would be advisable for setting them up?

2: I want fast transfer rates because of how large the files are. What router should I get that will support the 4 computers (and the external as well would be nice), and will give me the fastest transfer rates over Ethernet.

3: The desktop will likely not be used because of 4 other ample computers, thus it will be fairly dedicated to the task I give it. In order to improve performance, would I set up a server on the desktop? What type of partition should I use? Should I go with ubuntu server or desktop, 64bit or 32 bit? Would buying a raid card increase performance for the networking?

4: Random Questions
Can kino handle high definition dv?
Any news on jahshaka?
Do PiTiVi plugins actually exist?
I want a soundcard that sounds amazing under linux. What is a good soundcard for linux, that not only works, but actually sounds amazing like its supposed to?
Can I install ubuntu on these powerpc Imacs?
Anyone know if its possible to get my WMPGRX54 wireless card working under linux?
Can I do remote sessions with the macs using my laptop (vinagre anyone?)? My lappy is a powerhouse, with 4 gigs of ram, so if it was hooked up to a network, then I could essentially enjoy the outside while editing video.

I usually buy top notch equipment, so I dont usually like to stinge for cheapo stuff. Just as long as I dont hit over 800 dollars for this equipment, I should be satisfied... although cheaper is better. I dont want to do overkill as well.

Oh and feel good, because this is work for a non-profit organization, in which I am trying to get them to switch over to free and opensource software. If luck has it, they will make me the IT guy, so I can install ubuntu on all their workstations. I tried doing that last year, but the IT guy that year, completely spazzed out... which was unfair because I was setting up the computers which was supposed to be done months ago by him.

May 11th, 2008, 04:46 AM
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