View Full Version : [ubuntu] Hardware detection during installation fails on Alternate but not on Live

May 10th, 2008, 11:09 PM

I've tried Ubuntu 7.10 as LiveCD in my old Laptop and it seems to be the only distro to successfully run the PCMCIA Wifi card I have (wl-112 Sitecom).

The problem is the laptop has just 190Mb RAM and the LiveCD boots OK, but it hangs during installation ( too low RAM, I think).

I tried to use Xubuntu, the same version but it doesn't detects the wifi card correctly ( and main Ubuntu does!).

Then I'm trying to install from alternate version of Ubuntu 7.10, BUT it doesn't detects the network hardware during installation!!

How it's possible that Live detects it but not Alternate?

Any idea of what check or try?

Thank you very much