View Full Version : [ubuntu] Thanks folks! - (re. gutsy to hardy upgrade)

May 10th, 2008, 08:07 PM
Hi all,
On my Dell Dimension E521 I upgraded from gutsy to Hardy and first found that Firefox, but also the desktop, would sometimes freeze, excecute mouseclicks only seconds later.
2 days ago, after another update, I rebooted the machine an hour later, and then the desktop would not react to *any* mouseklicks anymore - except for the last used app - skype. no terminal, no shutdown, only power off and recovery mode / console prompt were left.
Found no other solution than to make a manual backup copy of my data, reinstall Gutsy (on a different drive) and hang the drive containing my home directory under /home/username/data, so at least system and data are now separate.
Had some more problems like grub not finding hd1, in the BIOS it was set as "off".
A big "THANKS"anyway for all the posts here which showed me that my problem with upgrade to Hardy is not unique, far from, and all the other tiny problems I had were also documented here - thanks to the Gutsy live CD I could at least surf the forum!