View Full Version : [ubuntu] Heron upgrade has toasted wireless and X (Dell)

May 10th, 2008, 06:01 PM
Hi Community,

I recently tried my Dell Inspiron 6000 to Heron from Gutsy by downloading and burning to disk the i386 alternate installation CD.

It's been a complete disaster.

Everything seemed to be running smoothly until I started receiving error messages everu other second about packages that could not be installed. I clicked skip everytime until the end of the process, rebooted...

... and found myself without wireless and all my compiz/awn/screenlets/emerald graphic-y stuff all messed up.

Since then I cannot remember what I did but now I just get a blank brown screen for my mouse icons to dance over and can only access Ubuntu in failsafe mode.

I have tried running the disk again to no avail and downloaded the full installation disk, which runs great in windows but doesn't seem to do anything in Ubuntu.

Can anyone tell me what information they would need to identify the problem? I would rather not reinstall from scratch as I have been personalizing this thing for a year now.


May 16th, 2008, 02:53 PM
Whenever an OS is responsible for breaking hardware, it is a most serious issue. However the bug people at Ubuntu are swamped. You most likely will not get any help any time soon. Plus, we humans don't like walking into the "we broke your hardware arena". (If you do you're screwed, if you don't you're screwed.) It's a Lion's Lair none of us like.

You're not alone. Wireless cards are being toasted after enabling the restricted drivers in Hardy Heron 8.04.

We enabled the Hardy restricted drivers in our laptop and the next day.....no wireless hardware listed anywhere. A quick inspection revealed an on-board wireless card that was burned to a crisp. The notebook was shipped off to have the "Crispy-Critters" replaced.

Others report the same problem, nevertheless, nothing has come of it.

None of us have a right to gripe about a free OS and a beta one at that; All the same, Ubuntu should at least address the problem.