View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ridiculous Ubuntu Problem!

May 10th, 2008, 05:41 PM
I can't believe this was let through but I imagine a lot of people that are still using IDE hard drives will be really stressed over this. Apparently, while I was installing ubuntu and going for my first bootup..it wouldn't load! The Ubuntu logo would just be there and look as if it was loading. What I had to do is swap the IDE cables between my hard-drive and my DVD drive. So, the IDE cable in slot 1, has two inputs. Normally, the first one goes in the hard drive, and the second goes higher up the case into the DVD drive but I have to switch it the other way around so Ubuntu can boot up. Furthermore, if I even connect my DVD drive then Ubuntu won't boot up. This problem shipped with 8.04 LTS. Oh well - I'm just hoping someone can release some bug fix for this so I can get my DVD drive working! =S

Thanks guys! :popcorn: