View Full Version : [ubuntu] Keyrings in Hardy not using /etc/shadow

May 8th, 2008, 05:04 PM
This is not a critical problem but rather a curious behavior I found under Hardy.

Encryption and Keyrings does not use my user's /etc/shadow password to unlock my keyring. Is this a known problem with Keyrings in Hardy, a problem with my settings or is this how it is supposed to work?

The problem started when I changed my users password to match my active directory credentials which I am required to change monthly. I first used the GUI under System>Administration>Users and Groups. I noticed that my new password would not unlock my keyrings. I then used 'sudo passwd <username>' to change my password from the command line. Keyrings still uses my old password to unlock. I am able to change it manually from the keyrings screen but I wanted to know if this was intentional or not.


April 27th, 2009, 03:14 PM
Unfortunately I belive it's intentional, so the easiest way to circumvent it is to disable the keyring password (not a great solution)

I recommend filing a bug report about it, because it is a usability issue.

I think the best way to implement this would be to use PAM to unlock the keyring (with either the users password, fingerprint, or other pam module) or getting a dialog to change the keyring password once the users password gets changed.

The current implementation is probably a bit safer than using /etc/shadow though, for instance if you store personal passwords in the keyring on a shared machine at school or work, the administrator would not be able to change your password and read your stored passwords.