View Full Version : [ubuntu] 8.04 Server install routine partition setup problems

May 7th, 2008, 03:17 PM
Trying to install 8.04 Server, using custom rather than "guided" partitioning, and using LVM. I managed to do with with 7.10, although it was awkward going back and forth between the partitioning, the LVM setup, and the ext3 formatting within the LVMs, and the selection of the boot partition. In 8.04 I'm just plain stuck. I can't get beyond assigning several partitions to LVM because I haven't selected the boot partition yet, so it won't let changes be saved. I can't go "Back" out of the partitioner to return to an earlier part of the process and try again somehow differently, because if I so much as choose "Detect Disks" from the menu it drops me right on the place I was stuck rather than going back to the beginning of the partitioning process. If I make one of the partitions ext3 rather than LVM so I can satisfy the boot partition selection dependency, and go to "Write changes to disk" that fails (without a useful error message as to how or why)! Then I'm stuck in that "Partition" menu again in exactly the same place.

I'd be perfectly happy if I could set up the partitions with a 3rd party iso such as the SystemRescueCD, if Ubuntu could simply work with those, rather than getting into this looping at this stage. Any work-around will do. Is there some way to force the installation routine out of its brokenness?