View Full Version : [ubuntu] 8.04 - Restart after Starting Hardware Layer Hald

May 6th, 2008, 11:40 PM
Dear Friends :
I'm trying to use Ubuntu (Kubuntu, Xubuntu), since 7 version, unsuccesfully !
I have a X2 4200's Athlon, M2N-MX (ASUS), 2 Gb DDR 2, 512 Mb Geforce 7300, 250 Gb Samsung SATA II, CD/DVD/RW's LG, sound and ethernet, onboard !
I'm trying to give a new shot, cause only a " yellow screen " and a loop sound problem, I got it, with 7...
With 8.04, all I have is a RESET !
After look for over the internet, I erased quiet and splash at boot, push ESC, and, after read many instructions, apperars Starting Hardware Abstract Layer hald and RESET !
NODBUS , at boot ? RESET at same point !
I tried, Ubuntu, Kunbuntu, Xubuntu, 32 and AMD_64 versions, normal and safe (???), with the same problem !
Is there a way to solve this situation ?
With Fedora's 8, my current distro, CPUSPEED was a problem and after I stopped this process, ok...
CPUSPEED = LOCKS, for me !
Tours truly,
Newton - Brazil