View Full Version : [ubuntu] sys admin starting

May 6th, 2008, 10:00 PM
i dont know if this is happening to anyone else. when i go to some areas of my system, say to start synaptic, i get the starting admin in the taskbar but it fails to follow through and ask for my password. i may have to click 2 or more times for it to eventually popup if at all. i have noticed that it may be because im trying to fire up something that isnt there, but otherwise it seems to fall over as described in general.no error message ever accompanies the admin failure. im running Hardy 8.04 Alt install. i had it installed within windows originally and this 'problem' began to occur then as well.
PC is as follows, if its relevant
ASUS A8V-VM mainboard
AMD 3200+ CPU stock speed
80GB SATA HDD ubuntu only
80GB IDE HDD XP only
320GB IDE HDD used as backup and media store
1GB DDR400 ram
Aircruiser G wireless lan
Radeon x300 PCIE graphic card
HP 17" LCD screen
i dont dual boot using grub. instead i hit F8 at boot to go into a boot menu.