View Full Version : www.akirad.net and project.akirad.net joined

May 6th, 2008, 01:05 PM
After a bit of think time I decided to take the big step and join www.akirad.net and project.akirad.net. The decision is partly painful even totally justified. After nearly a year of tests on akirad.net, the disorder of the articles and especially the presence of articles all things considered unnecessary, such as those which time to time shows the latest news in the repository, hindered the edition of a bilingual website ( English / Italian), so I decided to use part of donations on a separate domain, moreover, the great traffic repository.akirad.net (http://repository.akirad.net) (with peaks of 16GB per day packages distributed) hindered access to all which wanted to access the contents of the site, the easiest thing was to move the site and not the repository.

I hope you positively accept my decision and I invite everyone to visit the new site http://akiradproject.net

Greetings :)

Paolo Rampino