View Full Version : [all variants] 8.04 install screwed vfat partition

May 5th, 2008, 08:22 PM
I just installed kubuntu 8.04 i386. On the system I had an old vfat partition containing quite some data. So I told the installer to use that partition (of course not to format it, I double checked that). Unfortunately I didn't remember it was a fat partition, so I told the installer to mount it as ext3.

After the installation I had a brand new (and obviously empty) ext3 patrition where the fat partition used to be. Now I have basically two questions:

1. How can I possibly rescue some of the data that was on the partition? I tried photorec and it does actually find some files, but it does neither restore the original file name, nor the directory structure and with thousands of files on the partition, the thought of going through every single file doesn't seem particularly appealing. The Windows tools I have found can't be used on the ext3 partition so I would have to delete the partition. I'm not sure wether that's a good idea.

2. I would like to file this as a bug report, because although it was my own stupidity that caused the problem, the installer should have saved my from my own stupidity in this particular case. Only I dont't know where to file that report, and wether it would be useful at all, since I can not provide much information and since I did not reproduce the problem (nor am I particularly inclined to).

Thank's for any advice.