View Full Version : [ubuntu] fsck

May 5th, 2008, 05:52 PM
This may be a total noob question, but how do I run fsck?

Whenever I try, even with the xwindows shut down, I'm warned that there is something mounted, and running fsck with anything mounted can cause damage.

How do I do it?


May 5th, 2008, 05:56 PM
you need to unmount partition first. the easiest will be to boot a live cd and then to check your hard drive.

There is no need to do a check if not warned though (generally).

Het Irv
May 5th, 2008, 06:01 PM
Have you tried running it with the Live CD?

May 5th, 2008, 08:17 PM
Thanks for the tips, people. I'll have a try at the live CD a little later.