View Full Version : [ubuntu] Edit mod/mp2 files from video cam

Anders J
May 5th, 2008, 09:33 AM
I got some video clips from a Canon memory card camera.

These files do have the extension .mod, but are obviously mp2 files basically. On my standard 8.02 PC, the following happens:

- Double-clicking on a .mod file starts the Totem player and plays them out of the box, with sound.

- Renaming to .mp2 an double clicking starts "Mplayer" that plays them but without sound.

I installed "LiVES", which opens and plays, but without sound.

I also installed "GOPchop". With this I can try to open a file, it processes the files, but then crashes.

Kino can not import these files at all ("not a DV file").

Now, there must be some basic video editor out there that could be used for basic editing of these files, or?