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May 5th, 2008, 04:37 AM
So I installed Hardy Heron not too long after it came out. Since then, I've installed it twice more, each time with similar problems. I was wondering, if I describe them as best I can, if anyone can help me with the problems I'm having? Thanks in advance.

The sound appears to conflict in certain ways. If, for example, I'm playing something on Youtube, then close the Youtube tab and open up Exaile / Rhythmbox / Amarok / etc. the program will open correctly but the music files will not play. I'll click on play, but they just won't do anything.
Sometimes opening up a video in Totem will crash my system. My mouse will work fine, but I can't click on anything and the graphics have frozen. CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE-ing won't work, and I have to hard-reboot.
Exaile has been screwing up on me. I installed it fine, it worked nicely, then I shut down my computer and opened it back up. When I opened Exaile, it gave me the message "Loading library from database..." and just stops there. I can click around, etc. but I can't play any music. I can play things one file at a time, and the playlists tab won't show anything.
Ubuntu's not mounting my Windows partition at boot, which it used to do.
I had a problem with Pidgin (haven't tested this problem since the latest install) where I set it in my Sessions to load on boot, and when it did it completely took over my CPU. It was using, like, 96% of my CPU and had the state "Uninterruptible". Also, while this was happening, I don't think it worked properly.
Firefox 3 Beta 5 crashes every now and again when I try to open too many tabs at once (not sure if that's still being worked on, but I thought I'd throw it in.)
Firefox will sometimes not play sound (e.g., when watching Youtube).
In my first two attempts at installing, when I played music then tried to open a video file in Totem, the sound in Totem wouldn't play and the video would go really slow (choppy-like). This happened even if I stopped the music and wouldn't stop happening until I shut down the music program and restarted Totem.

If anyone's had these or similar problems, please let me know how/if you got around them. If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix these, I'm very appreciative of it. Thanks again!

May 20th, 2008, 02:55 AM
I have to say that I'm suffering most of the same problems you are having. At least the first two problems are identical to my problems. I hope someone can help us out. I never had any problems with Gutsy...but now everytime I'm playing something multimedia related I try to play one thing and not two or three at the same time. I think the problem is RAM related since the problem happened more often when I had several programs open at the same time (especially evince). Maybe Hardy Heron consumes more RAM than Gutsy?

Can anyone help?

May 20th, 2008, 03:15 AM
Well, I managed to get around some of the problems one way: I installed Gutsy then did a clean upgrade (i.e., no upgrading Gutsy first) to Hardy.

As for the sound problem, try going to Preferences -> Sound and setting the options manually, instead of having them as Autodetect. That seemed to solve that, but Totem still (seemingly) randomly crashes my system. Firefox isn't as bad as it was before, but I'm still having a few, random problems.

June 24th, 2008, 07:21 PM
bump. i hope some1 can come up with solutions. my main problem is similiar to some of the 1's you stated. if i open up pidgin, after a while when i open up firefox my desktop will sometimes freeze. like you i can use mouse, but i cant click on menus, and i have to hard reboot. i really like ubuntu but i don't want to have to wreck my hardware to use it. windows doesn't crash when i open firefox, so for now (like RIGHT now) i'm using windows. i hate windows. plz some1 point me in right direction. i'm extremely new to ubuntu. not linux, but ubuntu. hopefully some1 knows whats going on with the desktop freezing. also, if this helps, i have skydome, and cube reflections turned on. thnx ahead of time.